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We give stage to your heart & soul.
To brilliant stories, inspiring ideas,
to love, humor, passion. To your vulnerability & wisdom.
For you, for your company, for each other. 
Gone is the bore!

For a more magnificent world!


*risk     being    seen    in    all    your    glory*

*  30 september & 1 oktober 2023 (FULL )*
*  25 & 26 november 2023
 (FULL )
2024 dates to be announc
ed March 2024


Reconnect with what you came here for, and start shining exactly from there.

The STEP UP! retreat contains a proven way to root yourself back into your full self, whether you are 18 or 88.  Why not be brave enough.. to admit you are scared?

Warning: stage work & role playing involved that will shake up your system!



        Latest projects (Dutch & English)

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