A sunny 6 day- retreat supporting you to STEP UP! 

and transform your life

*The STEP UP! retreat is the only retreat that uses theatre technics as a tool for transformation*

Take a break from your life

and re-enter with more power, presence and purpose.


*26 SEPTEMBER - 1 OCTOBER 2021, Cristoforo, Tenerife (last spots)

*Spring 2022, Argayall, La Gomera

(Exact dates follow as soon as possible )


Working together with Fre it is an adventure to discover yourself,

and get rid of all the boundaries you encounter in life. Fre has a gift to really see you,

and she is able to let you see yourself; in all your glory!

-Bridget Meijer, Global Business Developer Surepay technologies

  • Become aware of the blocks to your personal & professional progress & fulfillment

  • Get 'unstuck': learn to get rid of those blocks, take the stage & claim your spotlight. O Yeah!

  • Expand & express yourself like never before, and truly connect yourself with life in and around you, from a place of authenticity & balance. Even while the world is watching you

  • Learn how to manifest the vastness of your presence, power & purpose, and work concretely with this in your daily personal & professional life

  • Return home completely energised, focused and full of life!

Retreat program

This retreat program in the magical sunny places of Southern Tenerife & La Gomera, concerns a specially designed week long program to lift you and your life to the next level; in your own pace.

Even though the program is immersive and intense, there is plenty of time for yourself, to relax, let insights sink in, take a swim or a walk to the beach, write down your insights or have a chat.

This retreat combines a variety of psychological, spiritual & theatrical approaches to help you reclaim parts of ourselves that you might have lost or forgotten along the way.  

We will challenge you to let go of old stories, wounds, concepts, beliefs and judgments, the ones which work contra-effectively for your life, work, and personal growth. Unlike many other retreats, we will work both on a deep 'inwards' and an expressive 'outwards' level; manifesting & embodying concretely all that comes up, as you explore what is in between you and living your full potential. Stagework & roleplaying will be also part of our journey. This means that the effect of all that you are learning is immediate and radical.

You could call it a deep exploration and journey into remembering who you really are - and putting this into mental and physical practice, right there and then. In doing so, you will experience directly the freedom to move into a new arena of possibilities, creativity and self-expression.
This inner shift has a direct effect on your state of well-being & confidence, and as a concrete result, also your work and interpersonal relationships.

We will support you to literally embody the whole of who you are, becoming present to experience the aliveness and passionate intensity for an authentic life, so you can start creating from your full potential in your work, private life and personal purpose.



  1. 29th of may and 5th of June are traveldays. You can arrive and make yourself comfortable anytime on Sunday 7th; nearby is a small shoppingmall where you can buy necessities, snacks or drinks. Or take a dive in the swimmingpool and just soak up the sun! The retreat starts 7th of February in the evening with a collective dinner outside under the big tree in the courtyard. We end Saturday the 13th of February after our last breakfast together. You can take your time to pack, enjoy the last sunrays and take the rest of the day to travel home.

  2. Direct returnflights from Amsterdam to Tenerife cost around 200,- . arriving midday 29th of May, leaving after breakfast the 5th of June. You can also come earlier or leave later depending on your own wishes.

  3. Our retreat venue Hacienda Cristoforo is at the Costa Adeje, only a 30-minute taxi drive from the airport. We can help you take the taxi together with other participants to share joy & costs. ( taxi-ride is about 30,-)

  4. The retreat will be given in Dutch, English or a mix of those two, depending on your needs & wishes. Elisabeth, our full time assistant speaks also fluently German & Spanish. No stress about language!

  5. You will receive your own personal notebook & pen at the start of the retreat.

  6. The catering is beyond delicious; mainly vegetarian and on our last night local fish & shrimps on the bbq. Dairy and eggs are served, but all diet preferences or vegan options can be catered for without extra charge. 

  7. Among other prep assignments, you will asked to bring a variety of clothes & costumes with you. Remember that role-playing is part of the workshop, so: be prepared to have the time of your life!

  8. The retreat requires expressive, physical work, as well as vocal work and lots of laughter:) So we require a recent negative covid-test that you will bring along with you upon arrival.

   Expect the following results:

  • Never stagefright no more! Have more courage to ‘play ’big’, and take any stage, in order to live your life from a visible, complete place, honoring the whole of who you are

  • Return to your personal & professional life more open, more loving, and more certain of who you are and what you stand for

  • Become more present in your day-to-day life and more daring to create your life and work according to your higher purpose

  • Learn to enjoy taking risks, being on the spot and wander into the unknown

  • Learn how to use your authenticity as your navigational tool, instead of your (or someone else’s) judgements

  • Understand your obstacles to effective communication and personal & professional fulfillment and have better clarity of your priorities

  • Be able to make clearer choices in your life, from a more direct and honest place in yourself

  • Say bye to behavior which was only there to serve you to adapt to certain past circumstances

  • You run your fear, your fear doesn't run you; learn how to deal with old patterns when they come up ( and they will:)) and learn what to do to make them loose their power over you

This was one of the best experiences in my life, to be able to truly talk with myself. Not with the head but really with my core. An eye opening process with full-on, understanding guidance.

I loved the feeling of building something together in a atmosphere of such a freedom and trust. The facility was peaceful and big enough to find a space for yourself within. Program felt so right, like everything had exactly the space which it got. I felt never left alone in the process. Even the food felt like a part of the process. I do not imagine it in different way. Felt just perfect! 

— Kalina Breczewska, Innovation consultant


This program is daring and will put you literally on the spot ( we have us build a special stage for our sessions), but we will NEVER cross your boundaries or force you into anything you are not ready for. No worries about that.

We go with what comes up and are creating the journey together. Preferably by having some fun as well. But having said that, I am happy and looking very much forward to help you fully experience and express all the potential inside you 🙂

You can imagine the Step Up! retreat is definitely NOT coronaproof, for this work cannot be done on 1,5 metre distance or with facemasks. So we will ask from you to show up with a negative covid test or other solid proof that you are virus-free.

 The Canary islands have a steady low covid-infection rate and allow for tourism.

Most  (or all) of the time you will spend at the (very big) retreat premises, but facilities, shops, restaurants etc, at the island are all accessible & open; facemask and distance policies are active in public spaces and need to be respected.

So: Show up with a positive, careful attitude & a negative Covid-test: and you are good to go!

NB> If in any way, for whatever reason the retreat needs to be postponed again, you can either get a full refund or join the STEP UP! retreat later in the year. Guaranteed.


Hacienda Cristoforo, Tenerife

Argayall, La Gomera 

Canarian Islands

Both centers are truly magical places, located in the permanently sunny south coast of the Canarian Islands, far from mass tourism and crowded beaches. From the moment you step through one of the big entrance gates, it feels like you have entered into paradise!


The centers offer an oasis of peace with tasteful houses, handmade constructed with natural materials (stone, wood, ceramics…) and incorporating antique elements, bougainvillea, date palms, aloe vera, waterfalls, a naturally filtered chlorin-free swimming pool, an organic vegetable garden and enough space to come, literally, to your senses.

Your accommodation


You will be accommodated in charming and comfortable cottages, which are spread all around the compound in the midst of nature. Privacy guaranteed! Some cottage can be shared with one other person ( or hired private for an extra cost). There are also accommodations & rooms in the big beautiful house in the heart of the premises. Upon your reservation, I will contact you to find the accommodation to your liking.

Cristoforo is just 15 minutes walk from the coast and also very close to the island’s southern airport. To reach Argayall you will need another drive & boattrip; but the reward is immens, once you find yourself lying right at the seafront amidst the most amazing nature. 


Fre & team

‘Reality is our biggest teacher’


Fre is an out of the box-personality, and has been training & coaching people since her late teens. She has invented a unique and very effective coaching & training method, which combines a blend of spiritual & psychological technics, performance teachings and down to earth insights & exercises. Being a theatre-maker and creative entrepreneur as well, she is trained to use the stage as a means for transformation & liberation.

A phenomenon in the educational, start up and corporate world, she has helped thousands of people all around the world to take the stage from a more liberated and authentic place. For nothing, as you know:) is more scary, and liberating, than becoming really visible, present, & connected.

With her sparkling personality, Fre will create a safe & comfortable space to help you dive deep into the process, without loosing touch with the ‘light’ side of life. Lots of laughter guaranteed.

And no fears: she has no guru-mentality and will happily & easily share her own list of life-flaws and downfalls during a glass of wine, or two.

Meaning: we are in this together!


Fre will be assisted by the wonderful & warm Elisabeth Otten, A Canarian Islands-based Dutch life-coach and host, who is great in making people feel welcome and spoiling them. Besides being on our side during our journey, she can help out with a lot of practical stuff as she speaks fluently Spanish, German, Dutch & English.

Besides that, the wonderful team of Cristoforo & Argayall are all standing by to make this experience an unforgettable one!


Your investment includes:

Intake coaching conversation with Fre ( obligatory)


Preparational guidance

6 night stay-over retreat, including great accommodation, and use of premises, swimmingpool, gardens 


Fully  guided retreat-program with personal attention

All facilities & meals (super delicious & healthy veggie food!)

Coaching session (on- or offline) after the retreat

Integrational reunion-day mid- 2021



apply before 1st of April'21

            and get a 225,- discount.             TSJILP!





Personal growth/ Self-employed

If you pay yourself




Business growth

if your company sends you

NB. You will always have a private sleeping area for yourself. For complete single or special accommodation ( f.e. seaview) extra charges apply. Check with me for the possibilities. A good discount applies if you come as a duo and  can share a bedroom. Please contact me if you really would want to join but cannot afford it.

                                                         For direct info & questions, contact: 0627062688 ( Fre)




Apply for a spot (without any obligation)

Hooray for stepping up! I will get back to you very soon.