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Nothing better than to share your own troubles with somebody and create it into something beautiful.

It's exactly what I am doing with my friend (and visual artist) Dilys de Jong.

Since 2007, we form the sistercompany Jong&Frij, and we create cartoons and illustrations based on our own lives. Recognise the busy blonde with the twins? It's me. And the daydreaming artist? There we have Dilys.


From mid 2007 till spring 2019, we published our daily cartoon 'Jong&Frij'( formerly known as 5x30+) in the national Dutch newspaper 'De Telegraaf’, every day on page 4. This means we have an amount of 4000+ cartoons on the shelve, some of which we published in books, calenders and which were animated for national television.We created  specific cartoons  on International Cooperation ( the Dutch cartoon 'Wereldburgers') and other tailormade cartoons for a variety of magazines.

Like it?

We sell our original cartoonwork, and create tailor-made English or Dutch cartoons on request, with, for example,

you as the main character.
We offer creative workshops in which you and your group learn to make great cartoons (about yourselves or each other),

in just a day-part or a day.

And, finally, The best collection of 11 3/4 years of Jong&Frij  cartoons will find its form in a beautiful book in October 2021.
Interested in ordering one? Send us a link!

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